Oportunidades para Voluntarios:

--La Biblioteca
--Supervisión para atravesar la calle
En la mañana
En la tarde
--Venta de libros en diciembre
--Festival de otoño
--Coordinadores del salón
--Ayudantes del salón
--Graduación de grados 5 y 6
--Cuidado de niños durante la junta de PTA y otros eventos
--Apoyo para las juntas GATE (comuníquese con Sara Russell)
--Supervisión del patio durante el recreo de la mañana, a medio día y después de clases
--Coordinador de primeros auxilios para emergencias
--Coordinador de bocadillos y refrescos para las juntas
--Ayuda en el jardín

phone 231-1416 - Fax 234-8739






Let's help Mrs. Keller - she is ill and could use our little love and support - check out this website for information about how you might help or contact the Mira Vista office, thank you! -- Just fill out the right-hand side of the form which is a Request to Join the Community. Then you will be automatically added to the community and sent instructions for setting a password and signing-in.

If you are able to help out by help by supervising during lunch from 11:50 a.m. to 1:10 p.m. on any day, please let Mr. Szot know as soon as possible. (Call the office 231-1416 and dial “0” to be connected.) If you can’t help but know someone who might be able to, please check with them. It’s important for the kids and for our school. Any help is appreciated.

Your Donations are Welcome! here are a few ideas...

NEEDED CLASSROOM SUPPLIES: Teachers have compiled a list of supplies that they need to help support our children. If you are able to donate anything on the list, it would be much appreciated. Please bring any donations to the school office.
· SPORTS: Basketballs, soccer balls, sturdy jump ropes, ball pump, a stopwatch, tennis rackets.
· BASIC SUPPLIES: folders, protractors, rulers, staplers, reams of color or white copy paper, white boards (any size), dry erase markers, pencils.
· ART SUPPLIES: same color 8 ½”x11” and 12”x18” construction paper (no multi-color stacks) glue sticks, glitter, glitter glue, Crayola markers, clay, pencils.
· SCIENCE: Microscopes, microscope slides.
· BOARD GAMES: Monopoly, Mancala, Scrabble, Uno.
· BOOKS: children’s atlases, children’s thesauruses, children’s dictionaries, biographical books.

- reams of colored paper,
- children's scissors,
- disposable cups/napkns and plates,
- reading and reference books for ages 9-13,
- a new or slightly used laptop,
- power point software,
- a carpenter who can build several bases for shade umbrellas.
- LCD projector
- White copy paper
- College ruled binder paper
- Dry erase markers
- Dry erase board erasers
- No. 2 pencils
- Standard staples for staplers
- Refills for Scotch tape dispensers
- Volunteers to chaperone children in the computer lab (see your child’s teacher)
- Earthquake Preparedness Kits


Volunteer opportunities:

School Supplies
morning crossing guards***
afternoon crossing guards
Book Faire
October Fall Festival***
Room Coordinators for each class
Parent Aides in the classroom
Child watch during PTA meetings (and other events)
support for GATE meetings (see Sara Russell)
Playground supervision recess, lunch, after school
Earthquake Safety/Emergency Supply coordinator
Food or drinks for meetings and events
Gardening work or materials

Contact us at 231-1416 Fax 234-8739